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     The Jaguar Mark 2 or MK II as it is known is one of the most popular models of Jaguar with a body structure of a medium sized Saloon. A thorough English product, this graceful car was well known for its efficiency on the road as well as space enhancing features and was regarded as one of the beauties of the vintage era. The Mark-2 Jaguar was not behind in terms of performance and the initial models had an option of a 2.4 litre, 3.4 litres or 3.8 litre Jaguar XK6 engine that gave an impressive performance on the road. The 1960s witnessed a great surge of popularity for this remarkable car with its 3.8 litre engine and it was supposedly used by all classes of the society from thieves to reputed bankers, chiefly due to its immense power that emancipated from under its bonnet. It was also used by the Police as patrolling cars on motorways and not surprisingly, it became a regular feature in television police shows like �Inspector Morse�, thus attaining more publicity in the process. With an output of more than 200 bph and 125 mph this magnificent automobile was spacious enough to accommodate five adults.

        Later years saw a series of alterations and innovative changes to the car especially with regard to its interiors and general structure. The leather upholstery which was a standard feature till 1966 got replaced by high quality synthetic material that quickly gained popularity and also led to a reduction in prices. The trademark fog lamps of the MK-II also got eliminated to accommodate more suitable features that blended with the times. Most of the later models became sleeker and compact in accordance with the trend of the age and the Mark-II was renamed as 240 and 340 and were produced with slimmer features until it got totally replaced by the Jaguar XJ6.

  1969 Jaguar Mark II 2.5 4dr
1969 Jaguar Mark II 2.5 4dr15,000.00
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